For Wayfarers
9 September 2018

Multistable Inversion,  2018

Mixed Media with Video Projection

1’ x 1’ x 5′

Multistable Inversion  is a slow motion video loop of an upside-down figure trying to balance a pedestal on his head. As the pedestal fall, the video twists to keep the column stabilized. A video projector sits on the pedestal used in the video.

Multistable Inversion

Multistable Stills

Ornamental Prop consists of an illuminated chandelier rotated 90 degrees and wedged into a corner of the room. The light is supported by a steel post that is itself wedged against the floor. The work is leafed in 23K gold and is supported by gravity and friction alone.

Ornamental Prop

Double Track, 2015

Wood, Masonite, Mirror 4’x8’x2’

A twisty track reveals a perfect circle when viewed from a particular angle.
Shown as installed at VisArts, Rockville, MD

Double track
Double track edge